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Labor Metrics Include: Total Labor Cost, Total Labor Hours, Labor $ Growth, % Change Labor Cost, Labor % of Sales, Average Pay $/Hr, Regular Pay $, Regular Hours, Overtime Pay $, Overtime Hours, Pay Change %, Overtime Pay Change %, Sales Per Hour, Sales Per Hour Change %, Checks Per Hour, Checks Per Hour Change %, Labor Cost by Job, Labor Cost By Employee

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Labor Cost By Job Example: Kitchen, Server, Bartender, Supervisor, Door Host, Training, Bus-person (Job Titles are Un-Aligned) 

Labor Cost By Employee: Total Hours, Total Pay $, Regular Hourly Pay, Overtime Hourly Pay, Overtime Hours

Time Period: Hour, Day-Part, Day, Last 7 Days, Last 4 Weeks, Last 13 Weeks, Last 52 Weeks, Current Week, Current Month, Current Quarter, Pervious Week, Previous, Month, Pervious Quarter, Pervious Year and even Custom Date Range Reports

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